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Twitter Use Goes Mainstream?

Posted by Andrew on January 13, 2008

The other night at the tweetup I met Jeff Royce a real estage agent in Fairfax, VA who uses twitter to connect with other agents and thought-leaders in the industry. Most of those I converse with on Twitter are in the tech and web industries, and I had mistakenly assumed that the service hadn’t spread too far from such circles. Turns out, I was wrong, and happy to discover it.

Twitter early adopters are essentially bloggers and their readers (covering all industry or specialty areas). It will be interesting to see if it goes mainstream beyond early adopters, like Facebook …and MySpace before that. Where’s the tipping point?

UPDATE: In reply to Wayne Sutton’s question about why kids don’t use twitter: They don’t need to. They’re already social as hell. Twitter helps undo the social fracturing of adulthood.

[I’ll stop blogging about twitter soon…I swear.]


3 Responses to “Twitter Use Goes Mainstream?”

  1. I’m still caught up in the blogging about twitter stage too. It’s got power on so many levels – I’m thinking it would make a great book. Even a book with chapters written by multiple people with diverse twitter experiences.
    But then after we’re sick of enthusing about twitter – and I don’t see that coming soon with the kind of impact it’s had on me – should we be blogging about seesmic?
    PS – great to meet you and so many other tweeters in Herndon Thursday night. It meant a lot to me.

  2. Andrew said

    I like it, different people writing different mini-chapters…donate the proceeds.

    I’m hoping that communication tools like twitter can be used to topple oppressive governments someday! You never know what can happen when great minds can come together at all levels without physical constraints.

    Great to meet you too! We’ll all do it again sometime soon!

  3. Jeff Royce said

    Andrew…it was good to meet you also. I was amazed by the network in Northern Virginia that has been created by Twitter. I also appreciate your and others willingness to throw out ideas for how to improve what I’m doing on the web. I look forward to the next tweetup.

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