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Utterz needs “Utterz Radio”

Posted by Andrew on January 14, 2008

I haven’t started recording on Utterz yet, but I’ve registered, secured my handle, and listened to some friend’s recordings. I really like the concept, but the issue I see is that without something to look at, they eyes want to wander to other sites (sights?) while listening. But these messages are rather short and require you to click on the next one. It can get old fast, and this is a problem that Utterz should address…soon. The good news is there’s tons of possibilities for utterz.

My idea is that users can create their personal utterz channel that includes all of their friends and others they’re interested in. Go to utterz and press play on your channel, and get all of the utterz recorded since you last logged in – back-to-back. This way, you can listen to what your people have been up to while doing other things-reading, surfing, doing dishes.

Companies can also set up private utterz channels where leadership (or all employees) can record updates on what’s going on, and the rest of the company can hear a stream of messages and keep more attuned with their organization. This is also a nice way to monetize the site via premium customers.

The same probably applies to seesmic.

[If I’ve missed something and this currently exists, oops]

UPDATE: Jimmy Gardner previously posted this regarding business and disaster uses for Utterz…and I commented on it! It stemmed from a chatroom discussion during Jonny Goldstein’s ParTay. I need a nap.



One Response to “Utterz needs “Utterz Radio””

  1. Andrew, you can already do this in Utterz from your phone. Don’t think you can do it from your computer yet, though I bet they are working on it.

    To be specific, you can “follow” specific people, and then listen to everyone you follow in an unbroken stream of utters from your phone.

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