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Can Ron Paul Resurrect Unity08?

Posted by Andrew on January 23, 2008

Unity08, the effort launched by a handful of prominent Republicans and Democrats to field a centrist, bipartisan third party ticket for president, is facing hard times. The movement has been knocked down by a lack of funding, struggles with FCC regulations, and the departure of two key founders now working to convince New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to wage an independent run for the White House. Their Web site has been reduced to a sad, non-dynamic “status-of-the-movement” message.

Unity08 is down, but is it out?

In order to continue with their efforts and hold an “online convention” to choose their candidates, Unity08 needs two things very soon: an influx of money and energy. No shortage here – Ron Paul and his legions of supporters have plenty of both.

For a while I thought it plausible that, after exiting his quixotic yet surprisingly resonant effort for the GOP nomination, Paul and his supporters could swarm over the Unity08 convention. Now I think that they can save it, albeit with a change in mission away from the centrist focus while maintaining their aim for a “post-partisan” ticket. He would also dispense with the criticism that Unity08 is merely a party for rich, center-right donors.

Ron Paul has indicated that he will not support the eventual GOP nominee if they don’t support some key policy issues he holds based on his Constitutional interpretations – namely the war in Iraq and foreign policy. He’s left the door open to continue his campaign elsewhere.

Will Ron Paul bolt the GOP for Unity08? If he will, the time is near.


3 Responses to “Can Ron Paul Resurrect Unity08?”

  1. In a word, no.

    Paul’s views are outside what many consider to be the mainstream. I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, but he is a strict libertarian and not a relative centrist. Unity ’08 wants to avoid the overemphasis on divisive social issues that strongly matter to a small amount of people (like gay marriage) and concentrate on national issues of compelling importance that effect a lot of people. National security, entitlement reform, more efficient government.

    Paul wants government to not address many problems and let the market handle it. In other words, no entitlement reform because there should be no entitlements.

  2. Andrew said

    Hey Jonathan: I totally agree that Paul doesn’t fit the mold of what Unity08 is looking for, but that’s what the founders of the group were looking for. The organization looks like it’s belly up and two of the founders have bolted for Bloomberg (I assume Bloomberg indicated he’s not interested in the Unity08 platform). So, ultimately it will come down to the online convention. Regardless of what the original intent was, it’s up to the convention voters. Without Paul, the whole org is finished.

    I’m not convinced it will happen or if it will work, but it’s an interesting concept.

    Last week I chatted with someone on Ron Paul’s campaign staff (although not at the strategic level) and he felt this was something they’re considering.

  3. Jonathan said

    I wish Ron Paul had the support to take McCain out of the picture, or make it as an independent – but one that doesn’t hand the election to someone else by taking votes.

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