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DecisionWorld: A New Blog

Posted by Andrew on January 15, 2008

Cross-posted on DecisionWorld

I’ve started a new blog with Andri Haraldsson of Expert Choice Software, where we hope to explore real-life and theoretical concepts in decision-making and collaboration. Andri and I have had some very interesting conversations, and we came to the conclusion that we should take these conversations to the blogosphere. We hope to build a conversation about how we make personal decisions regarding things like careers and college, as well as decisions and collaboration within the enterprise. What tools can be used? What processes work best? What pitfalls exist that lead to bad decisions?

Andri’s an expert in decision-making. I’m not. I hope that this signals where we want DecisionWorld to go. We’ll be adding regular and guest contributors, and we aim to strike the right balance of academic and layman, theoretical and practical. I’m involved in leading a new web start-up, and there’s lots of decisions to be made. If you think about it, making decisions is the most important role of an executive, and often the most difficult or mystifying. This holds true in life as well.



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