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Twitter = Human-Powered Recommendation RSS Engine

Posted by Andrew on January 9, 2008

Twitter = Human-Powered Recommendation RSS Engine

Three things I’ve noticed since I started using Twitter on a regular basis:

1) I’m using my RSS Reader much less
2) I’m visiting actual blogs more rather than simply reading posts in a reader
3) I’m discovering more interesting blogs and other content than when using blog search engines and the typical blog-post link love

On Twitter, I receive recommendations of quality content and interesting ideas, with links. You have your circle of friends that add value to your day, your work, your life. Whether they are in the same industry as you, or simply provoke you to think about things in new ways, you are exposed to ideas and timely content in new ways.

One tip: Add value as well, rather than simply getting value…

…and recognize echo chamber tendencies.

@vasta says Twitter is “collaborative human filtering”
@abacab says Twitter is “text-based CB Radio. For nerds.”
@sblowes: “if twitter is a productivity killer, seesmic is that on steroids.”
What is Twitter to you?


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