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Tweetup Last Night

Posted by Andrew on January 11, 2008

The thing I like the most about Twitter in comparison to all of the other socnet tools out there (yeah, I’m talking about you, FB), is that it is so good at facilitating offline, in-person gatherings where you get to meet so many great people in your area. Last night, a bunch of DC-area twitterers (and Baltimore) met up at Jimmy’s Tavern in Herndon, and it was a great time with some people I’d previously met, and some I hadn’t.

Topics of discussion ranged from the new Nationals ballpark, the presidential race, blogging strategies, corporate social media strategies, why Peter Angelos sucks, “twuck” vlogging, web start-ups and venture financing, and, of course, Twitter. I will blog about some of these topics and the insights discussed soon, but until then, the shout-outs…

Steven Fisher
George Brett
Jill Foster
Susan Reynolds
Kate Reynolds
Bill Reynolds
Jeff Hibbard
Shashi Bellamkonda
Bob Mertz
Maria Norton
Nahum Gershon
Jonny Goldstein
Aaron Brazell
Nicole Brazell
Jimmy Gardner
Joe Loung
Sujay Rao – soon to be on Twitter!
Eric Blair

Good stuff y’all…till next time.


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